TingWall™ by Advanced Building Systems Inc.

Advanced Building Systems is a design and engineering firm formed around the development by Dr. Raymond M. Ting of a revolutionary new curtainwall technology. Dr. Ting is a Professional Engineer with over 30 years experience and is one of the world's leading experts in the field of structural integrity in severe weather conditions. His invention of TingWall™, as this new technology is called, signals a new age in curtainwall design.

While TingWall™ is cost competitive with so-called "Stick" systems, it outperforms the most sophisticated "Unitized" and "Rain Screen" systems. Until now, improvements in curtainwall design have centered on unsuccessful attempts at developing perfect seals and multiple defenses against inevitable leakage. The result of this approach is that virtually every conventional curtainwall will leak - it is only a matter of when, where and what it will cost to fix.

Utilizing Dr. Ting's innovative "Airloop Principle," TingWall™ neutralizes the effects of both wind and rain, by separating the functions of sealing air and sealing water. The result is a curtainwall system that can tolerate imperfect seals anywhere in the system and still not leak. In test after test, TingWall™ has far surpassed the most rigorous AAMA standards. Add to this, the ability of the TingWall™ System to handle seismic and wind motion that would destroy a conventional system, the flexibility to use multiple facing materials without boundary problems, plus superior safety, ease and speed of erection.