TingWall™ by Ting Wall Inc.

Ting Wall Inc. is a design and engineering firm formed around the development by Dr. Raymond M. Ting of a revolutionary new curtain wall technology. Dr. Ting is a Professional Engineer with over 30 years experience and is one of the world's leading experts in the field of structural integrity in severe weather conditions. His first invention of Airloop Technology using a revolutionary design philosophy of “Eliminating the Cause rather than Design for the Effect” has been proved to be valuable to the building owners since 1999 for the following performance records.

  1. No water leakage in Omega Corporate Center in Pittsburgh, PA since the completion in 1999 and in IBM Renovation Project in Rochester, MN with annual phases starting in 2000.

  2. Endure many earthquakes without any damage in all completed projects in Taiwan since 2001.

  3. Breathable wall performance to reduce energy consumption as evidenced by a 40% reduction in heating water boilers and exhausting venting ducts in the IBM Renovation Project.

  4. Endure the severe negative wind load without any structural damage due to the unique negative pressure venting performance in many typhoons on all completed Taiwan projects since 2001.

We did encounter severe culture resistance in the past two decades due to misunderstanding of the curtain wall consultants or architects hired by the building owners. However, with the above performance records and the completion of a 32 story high twin-tower building in 2015 in Taiwan as well as the new inventions described in the “Products” Section based on the same design philosophy of “Eliminating the Cause rather than Design for the Effect”, we are positioned to overcome the culture resistance encountered in the past two decades.