SUPER MAS: Mullion Anchoring System with Performance impossible to beat (invented on 9/6/17)

a.      Automatic 3-way construction tolerance adjustments without using any fastener in

       erecting the mullion.

b.   Applicable for any curtain wall system (Airloop, Stick, Unitized) with on-slab anchor.

Airloop System

a.      Eliminating the cause of water leakage problem (i.e. requiring Critical Seal)

       by Airloop design to eliminate Critical Seal.

b.    Eliminating the cause of seismic induced problems (i.e. stress fatigue on sealant lines

        and wall panel frames.

c.     The "Never Leak" performance has been evidenced by the IBM Renovation Project in

        Rochester, MN since year 2000. 

vig: second "mission impossible" invention. we are looking for more licensees in usa and potential buyers in foreign countries

a.      Making the IG (Insulated Glass) yourself while glazing the glass panes into your wall or       window panel frame without applying the IG perimeter caulking.

b.    Eliminating the "Fogged IG" problem forever by the law of physics.

c.    Improving the thermal and sound insulation values significantly.

d.     Eliminating the lead time required for ordering the regular IG.

e.    Reducing the cost of IG significantly.

MAS: first "Mission impossible" invention (us patent 9,683,367)

a.      Eliminating the cause of liability of installing embed (e.g. misplacement or

       displacement during concreting operation) simply by design to eliminate

       the need of embed.

b.      Eliminating the cause of liability due to 3-way out of construction tolerance

       problem by design to allow practically unlimited 3-way construction

       tolerance adjustments while maintaining the full strength of MAS.

Q1: Who is liable for the above problems?  A: Curtain Wall Contractor.

Q2: Can Supplier’s Insurance cover the above Liabilities?  A: No.

Q3: Can MAS be used on a conventional CW system?  A: Yes

Q4: Do you need to buy Liability Insurance for using MAS?

   A: No, since all Liabilities are eliminated by MAS design.

   TingWall Contractor will guarantee the strength of MAS for life.